10 Point Health Checklist

10 Point Health Checklist

Here is a checklist of sorts to remind you that taking care of your health will mean taking care of your stress.

Did you ever go through your medicine cabinet or drawer or whatever, and you see expiration dates… and there are some that expired three years ago?

Or did you ever look at spices in your cupboard and realize that 1) Some actually have expiration dates and 2) You have been using spices that are really, really old? (OK, that just happened to me-maybe you are better about this!)

Anyway, it made me think about how time gets away from  Health Checklist for the family us and we don’t always realize how much time has passed since we called a friend, or visited the dentist, or got a check-up.

So I have put together a list to jog your memory and remind you to take care of yourself.

When you take care of you, everything in your life will move along easier!

10 Point Health Check-in

If you have not done these in a while… get moving!

1. When was your last physical?

2. What about a tetanus shot? If you suffer a wound that is deep or dirty, and haven’t had a tetanus shot for the last 10 years you could be in serious trouble with a tetanus infection, a bacterial disease that affects the nervous system and could be fatal. Children receive this shot along with their vaccines, but often adults do no think of asking their doctor about it.

3. When did you last see the dentist? Go.

4. Ladies….make sure you keep up with self breast check and mammograms.

5. Anyone over 50…I’m sorry, but it is colonoscopy time!

6. It’s that time of year. If you want a flu shot, figure out where you will go and get that in motion.

7. How is your vision? Headaches or squinting could signal that you need glasses or a new prescription.

8. How is your weight? Do something about it. Suggestion: Keep a food diary for a few days and use it to help you zero in the most troublesome areas.

9. Are you exercising at all? Start with 10 minute walks a day. Move.

10. Are you laughing everyday? I’m serious… don’t be too serious.

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