Blog This in Your Think Tank

Blog This in Your Think Tank

What is up in your Think Tank? Oh, you say you are not in a Think Tank, well, why not, you seem to like to think right? Perhaps you might enjoy some of the things we discussed in our Think Tank this week, as our topics are so diverse and interesting. For instance, we are all consumers in a way, even if some of us are somewhat minimalists. Have you ever considered why we have so many products are being recalled.

My Product Has Been Recalled; What is a Recall and What is Really Going on?

Indeed, I have found most recalls to be simply “CYA” for the gin blog manufacturer to prevent a future lawsuit, generally one or two accidents, which were really driver’s error or a misuse of equipment. In aviation there were always many Airworthiness Directives, most were a waste of time and totally costly. In the trucking industry – it kills efficiency in downtime.

Some automotive manufacturers now use it is an excuse to get everyone back to the dealership showroom to introduce the new models and sell add-ons and other preventative maintenance since 80% of the routine manual required maintenance goes undone, costing the dealership $100s of thousands of dollars per year.

For the back of my Motor Coach, I bought a little scooter, I have had words with a couple of dealerships, as they are fine before the sale, then afterwards when there is a problem, the whole world changes and they do not give you the time of day and gouge you on service? No wonder most of those motorcycle dealerships change ownership so often. When recalls come it seems they lolly gag and lure you into the showroom to look at the latest models.

Another fascinating subject this week was a topic about Korea Town and alcohol laws in California. In the state of the nuts, fruits and flakes out West, and mind you that is what they call it, not me – it seems that the ‘no alcohol’ sales after 2 am is not observed and that in these areas you can buy alcohol until 6 am. The City of Los Angeles does nothing about it, as to not make waves. Why are we allowing such things, as it destroys the nation’s melting pot, due to self segregation and self-rule outside the laws of society and civilization.

In Korean Town you can buy Korean Gin, it’s a green potent alcohol, that they sell in Restaurants imported from Korea, you cannot buy it anywhere else, it is quite good if you like that sort of thing. Many of the restaurants where it is sold do not have alcohol licenses. Should these laws be enforced or should we remove the laws for everyone else too? Our nation should not play such double standards, any thoughts?

The next subject is rather interesting about the problematic future of Wars in Space. An interesting book that our Think Tank read on this subject re-affirmed what many others have said. “Empty Promise – The Growing Case Against Star Wars” by The Union of Concerned Scientists – 1986. Today, we see weapons being produced, which can shoot down intercontinental ballistic missiles in the US and China practicing by shooting down satellites. Space Debris aside; are we setting ourselves up for a future of wars in space?

The Star Wars Program that Ronald Reagan was promoting back during the cold war finally helped break the Soviet Union’s back financially. The ability to take out enemy communication, GPS and net-centric satellite components will definitely be a part of future human warfare. An interesting book to read on this subject is; “The Fallacy of Star Wars” by UCS [1984 Report]. Now with many nations all entering space, putting up satellites, spying from space and developing weapons for space – the space war cometh, whether we like it or not; George Lucas was right.

Now with space laser technology and anti-satellite weapons it appears the US Air Force Roadmap for space defense is all but guaranteed and along with the Chinese forces that building up and their space program military exploits, the future is foretold. Obviously, in a war, it is necessary to create a fog and disrupt information flow in your enemy’s command and control and we need not look past Karl von Clausewitz to confirm this.

In the future much of the escalation sequences will happen so fast in a Space War, due to the speed of the lasers in firing that Artificial Intelligent computers will run the scenario and fire without human intervention or second guessing, thus one must ask can we trust the computers? Well, can we trust humans; judging from history the answer is “Certainly Not!”

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