Cleaning Your Car; Removing Fallout and Small Rust Spots

Cleaning Your Car; Removing Fallout and Small Rust Spots

Many of us get stuff on our cars, which will not easily come off. There is tree sap, over spray, bird droppings, rust spots and even salt marks from that stuff they put on the roads in winter; none of which is bilrens very easy to get off. It is very important for the protection of your car’s clear coat and paint finish to pay careful attention when cleaning your car to remove the fallout and small Rust Spots.

You should be careful if you go to a coin-op car wash or if you use a pressure washer. It is possible to get too close to the paint and damage the finish. Generally if you blast through a clear coat you will notice it is because there will be a pealed mark and you will rip off a large chunk of paint. Use the “one-foot rule” and keep the nozzle at least one foot away from the paint at all times. You should be fine, just remember the 1-foot rule and that also applies to center caps on rims. But the rest of the rims and tires you can get closer.

The best way to remove such contaminants from your car is to wax them off. Many times a polymer solvent wax (the kind which separate and are liquid, which you have to shake well before you use them-generally tan or white with liquid when you let them sit and separate out) will take the rust dots off. Or look in the Yellow Pages for AutoMagic Detailing Products and buy clay magic to take off the tiny rust spots. Take care of your cars finish so it will last and think on this in 2006.

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