Cloud Security Issues

Cloud Security Issues

Although the use of cloud computing is growing day by day, a lot of people are concerned about the issue of security. A large number of people don’t like the idea of their sensitive information being stored online.

There have been some major security issues in the past because hackers have been able to get into various systems and take some sensitive information such as bank details, health records and more. While it is realistic to have such concerns, you should be aware that most cloud service providers are ethical companies that want to provide a secure environment to all of their customers.

A cloud service provider will work hard to make sure the  Cloud security infrastructure is secure and there’s no chance of any information leaking out. You will find that there are some very complex systems these companies employ so that nothing is leaked to or stolen by anyone who should not have it.

It’s also up to the customers to ensure they use a reputable company who takes security seriously. It’s often fairly easy to tell the difference between those who are serious about your private bits of information and those who aren’t.

Types Of Controls

There are 4 different types of controls that are used by cloud service providers, they are:


  • Corrective controls – these are controls that start to work as soon as an attack is taking place. They will help to deter the attack and build a wall around the sensitive information so it cannot be reached.
  • Preventative controls – these controls take a look at the vulnerabilities in the system and they work on them so any damaged is kept to a minimum.
  • Deterrent controls – these are the controls that work to keep hackers and viruses out of the system. Although they only act as a warning, they can and do help to make a difference to the amount of attacks that take place.
  • Detective controls – these controls are constantly on the lookout for any attack and if they come across any they will tell the corrective and preventative controls to leap into action.


Gone are the days when someone could easily hack into your computer and add a virus to one of your programs. These days it’s a very complicated subject that requires a lot of effort to get into programs that are being used. If you add cloud computing to the equation you will make things a lot harder for the hackers to access the files and programs you need.

Cloud computing continues to be one of the safest methods of computing around. Each and every day, cloud service providers work hard to ensure that safety compromises are kept to a minimum. Although you may occasionally have to pay to use cloud computing services, they are very secure and reliable. Plus the information that you need to work with day to day can be accessed within a very short space of time. There are no huge cloud security issues, so you might want to think about switching to the cloud today.

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