DNA and Diet Evolution

DNA and Diet Evolution

DNA. A dynamic and powerful molecule we carry in almost every single cell of our bodies. That is trillions of copies. Our genes determine how our body functions and reacts to environmental signals. Salmon DNA  evolves in a slow rate, much slower than our habits for sure. It can take many generations for a new trait to show up and establish itself in a population. DNA mutates, changes and this is all part of its nature; it is expected and it’s natural. But humans change even faster. We have changed massively our environment, our habits and our diets the last 100 years. Our body didn’t get the chance to adapt to all these changes. Basically the way our food is processed is the same as many thousands years ago. For our genes and body functions nothing has changed really. The problem is that the processed foods we consume are completely unknown to our DNA. All these “new” refined carbohydrates and sugars cause a great deal of confusion to our cells. Our ancient genes try to process our modern diet. This is very hard. Imagine trying to communicate with a person that speaks an entirely different language than you. Our genes are routinely exposed to “genetically unfamiliar” foods and they respond abnormally, i.e. they trigger inflammation or turn on obesity genes.

The solution is to provide our bodies with food that recognizes and can easily process. We need to bring our diet more in line with our genetic requirements. Obviously we are not going back to the Neanderthal era but think for a second what could that diet include. Basically we are talking about loads of raw salads and fruit free of chemical treatments. That would translate as organic produce in our days. Also the meat that our ancestors ate was definitely free range. Factory meat and fish are only a phenomenon of the last 50 years for sure. Research has shown that factory meat has 500% more saturated fats than the equivalent free range. Also farm raised salmon has an astounding ration of omega 6&3 fats of 30:1. That is a lot of omega 6 in comparison to the minuscule amounts of omega 3 we take in. Keep in mind that omega 6 in such massive quantities are considered highly toxic and inflammatory in the body. Wild salmon on the other hand has a normal ratio of the above fats of 3:1 which is what naturally raised fish have and exactly what suits the human body too. Basically the unnatural diet of the animals forces them to store abnormal types and quantities of nutrients in their bodies. In a way these animals are sick and we inherit their sickness by eating them.

The bottom line is that a natural diet can help our genes to respond in a very controlled way. Organic fruits & vegs and free range or wild meat & fish are full of healthy combos of nutrients and are also very rich in minerals and vitamins. It is of massive importance to incorporate as many of these dietary guidelines in our lives as we can. You will naturally lose weight, forget about the mood swings, headaches and build a bullet proof health in the long run. Your genes depend on good nutrition.

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