Drinking Water and Weight Loss – What You Should Know

Drinking Water and Weight Loss – What You Should Know

This article is about the importance of drinking water for weight loss and your well-being.

How much you weigh will depend on how much water you need to drink. Also you need to take into account how much you exercise you take and whether you live in a hot or cold environment. Obviously you sweat more and lose fluid if you become hot and therefore you need to drink to replace that fluid. Drink too much water and it will be excreted naturally. Drink too little and you will become dehydrated leading to a loss of good well-being. Nature is very good at letting us know how much water to drink-our urine should normally be pale yellow, if it’s dark- drink more and regularly throughout the day. When first dieting you will initially lose fluid, so you need to replace this before you start burning fat/calories.

Drinking water for weight loss can suppress appetite naturally. Many studies prove  wheat straws that people will eat less if they drink water half an hour before a meal-either one medium-sized glass or a large glass.

Drinking water and weight loss is also great for getting rid of toxins that can build up in the body. In dieting extra calories are being burned which can create a build up of toxins and waste.

When dieting people tend to eat and drink less thinking this will help to lose weight quicker, however drinking less can cause water retention as the body will hold onto the water it does get which can cause swollen ankles, hands, feet and all extremities. It can also cause urinary infections as the body is not able to get rid of toxins built up in the kidneys and bladder. Drinking sufficient water will eliminate this. Also drinking enough water will boost well-being as dehydration zaps you of energy and slows down fat burning.

Drinking sufficient water will then naturally lead you to be able to be more efficient at exercise as you will have more energy and better recovery thus being able to exercise for longer and burn more calories.

Drinking water for weight loss will also aid to ease constipation which can be another problem when first dieting-especially with some of the diets that are high in protein.

Fluid is the lubricant to all parts of the body and drinking plenty of water should help towards regular bowel movements and prevent constipation. Any diet should include plenty of fibre and water is needed to move this through the body especially when drinking water for weight loss.

Drinking cold water between meals regularly should increase the burning of calories as the body burns extra calories to warm up the water as it enters your body. Also remember that there are no calories in just plain water! Plain water is probably better as carbonated water can leave you feeling bloated and other juices or flavoured water can contain hidden calories-always check the labels.

When drinking water for weight loss you should remember also that should you feel thirsty you are already starting to become dehydrated. Drinking water regularly throughout the day should eliminate this and keep you feeling well. You may feel you are hungry when you are dehydrated when in fact you are just thirsty. Drink a large glass of water and after half an hour you are still hungry then perhaps you need a healthy low-calorie snack as well. But very often you may just be needing fluid not food.

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