Erectile Dysfunction- 3 Common Causes and Tips on How to Treat “ED” without Prescription Drugs

Erectile Dysfunction- 3 Common Causes and Tips on How to Treat “ED” without Prescription Drugs

Since its public introduction in 1999, Viagra has been made a household name for itself in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, or “ED”. It was so successful in fact that an endless barrage competition has now moved into the erectile dysfunction marketplace, specifically, Cialis and Levitra.There is no doubt there will be many more to come in the years ahead. The common denominator amongst these ED treatments is that they are all prescription drugs. “Male Ehancement” formulas like Enzyte take this a step further by claiming to drastically increase penis size, though actual results are still in question. Effective treatment options they may be, they merely address the solution to ED, and not the underlying causes.

So what exactly are the root causes of erectile dysfunction viagra prode in the first place? In the interest of time, we will discuss the three major contributing factors that cause the majority of male sexual problems and “ED”.


Everyone knows that smoking isn’t healthy, it’s not rocket science. So let’s move beyond the physiological effects and on to the solution. Believe it or not, most men can recover most or all of their lost sexual desire and erectile function by simply quitting smoking. Real life success stories have repeatedly proven it is possible for men who smoke to make dramatic sexual recoveries easily by quitting all together. Men who were losing their erections before orgasm can be achieved made complete recoveries, reaching orgasm normally after only a short recovery time. Now “smoking after sex” may not be the best option. How about “smoke less, have more sex” instead!

Alcohol Use

Although alcohol will not necessarily cause erectile dysfunction problems in the short term, however, excessive drinking can cause serious sexual problems over the long term. This condition is sometimes referred to as “Brewers Droop”. By lowering your body’s natural testosterone levels, multiple different aspects of sexual function can become seriously impaired or diminished. You may also notice the barrage of television commercials promoting male enhancement medications specifically warning against using alcohol with these medications.

Obviously, one of the first steps is in cutting back on alcohol consumption. If that isn’t enough, you may need to completely stop drinking, at least temporarily, in order to regain your natural sexual performance. And of course, using a high quality herbal supplement will have a powerful effect on natural male testosterone levels in the body without dangerous reactions with medications or OTC drugs. This brings us to our third most common denominator: drugs.

Drug use – prescription and non-prescription

There are a number of prescription, non-prescription-and recreational drugs that can cause or contribute to male sexual disorders. Drugs for treating hypertension and high-blood pressure, sedatives, anti-depressants, SSRI’s like Prozac, and beta-blockers are all well documented factors in connection to cases of impotence, decrease of libido, and erectile dysfunction. Each individual type of medication have a varying impact depending on the physiology of the individual.

Now for this disclaimer: It is important that you keep taking prescriptions that have been prescribed by your physician – never stop in the middle of a treatment prescribed by a doctor! Got it?! Good.

However, if you think your sexual difficulties may be connected to a drug you are currently taking, be sure to discuss it with your doctor. Communication is the key here. Don’t be embarrassed to discuss this with your doctor openly. You are not alone. An estimated 15 to 30 million men suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction in the U.S. alone. A doctor can easily change your treatment or prescription dosage as needed.

Needless to say, there are many more causes and variables that can lead to male sexual problems beyond those listed above. Impotence and erectile dysfunction can result from illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, natural decline in libido as a result of age, or other factors beyond a patient’s control. There are however several avenues available to you to seek for help.

Non-Prescription Treatment Options.

Male enhancement supplements are specifically designed to improve every aspect of a man’s overall sexual performance, function, and enjoyment. Most are herbal formulas containing only natural ingredients that work to improve erection strength, improve overall sexual health, thwart premature ejaculation, increase orgasm intensity, shorten recovery time, boost libido and restore hormonal levels to that of a mid-twenties male.

The vast majority of these supplements vary a great deal in their exact formulation and the way they are manufactured, and specific ingredients used. Most of the highest quality pills
and treatments use centuries-old Chinese ingredients and time-tested herbals and to create positive effects on the male reproductive system naturally. Unfortunately, the credibility of this industries credibility has been permanently damaged due to a lot ineffective and cheaply manufactured imitation products.

Before selecting a herbal male enhancement supplement, if your should choose that as a viable treatment option, start by educating yourself and careful reviewing only reputable, time-tested supplements produced by experts in clinical environment.

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