Five Promising Career Paths For Nurses

Five Promising Career Paths For Nurses

The demand for nurses seems to be in an unwavering quantity today, along with overflowing benefits for them specifically reimbursements, bonuses, and vacation packages among others. Amidst the so-called Baby Boomers’ departure and the immeasurable stress it will bring to the industry of health care, the need for nurses seems to be unchanged. Numerous career opportunities await today’s nurses. However, not all of these destinations are promising and exciting. There are few paths leading to relatively higher career and financial satisfaction. Five of many career paths for nurses are described below.

1. Staff nurse. They are practically found in all medical places: clinics,  monitor tech certification California doctor’s offices and hospitals. What they do is to check conditions and symptoms, and to carry out tests and analyze the results of those tests. Together with physicians, medications and treatments are administered by the staff nurse. Upon obtaining a certification of being a registered nurse (RN) that follows achieving a bachelor of science degree in nursing (BSN) or an associate’s or graduate degree, opportunities will start to open for you in staff nursing. As your level of attained education increases, the more you will likely to be accepted to a high-positioned job. A salary of approximately, fifty-three thousand dollars per year awaits you.

2. Forensic Nurse. Criminal investigations of different cases dealing with accidents, homicide and sexual assault like rape demand the assistance of a nurse who will report his or her findings during jurisdictions. It must be noted that in this path, there will be minimal contact with the patient. A registered nurse certification is necessary together with the BS degree in nursing. Educational experience regarding forensics, criminal justice or law enforcement will help increase your entry position. Online courses on forensic nursing are available nowadays.

3. Home Health Care Nurse. The task of this kind of nurse is to monitor vital signs like blood pressure, pulse rates, and other signs of the patient in his or her home. You are to provide his or her basic needs during stay in bed, including meals, comforting, and other bedside care. By teaching the family members basic tasks in nursing, they will be able to help not only the patient but also you.

4. Legal Nurse. This is the law-related career path if a nurse is interested in working in legal-related businesses and institutions. A legal nurse deals with different people like lawyers, physicians, and others in different settings, risk management in hospitals and legal and medical affairs in government offices. Similar to other paths, you must already have a registered nurse certification and a BS Nursing degree. Policy-level positions can be achieved by attaining an MBA in health care degree.

5. Advanced Career Opportunities. By continuing your education after obtaining your bachelor’s degree, doors of opportunities will surely open up for you. The academe adapts with the social demand and challenges by offering advanced nursing education. There are also schools that offering accelerated nursing courses, online schools, and vocational schools. Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) certification will also help you become at par, aside from the Nurse Practitioner (NP) certification.

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