Oriental Design Tips For Master Bedroom Decorating

Oriental Design Tips For Master Bedroom Decorating

Decorating a master bedroom with oriental touches and full fledged themes has become quite popular in recent years. This is probably because most Americans see oriental decorating themes and cozy, soothing, and relaxing, so it makes perfect sense to use in your master bedroom decorating plans.

You don’t have to do a complete master bedroom  vaisselle artisanale makeover in order to get a touch of the orient in place though. Sometimes you can simply start with small things, or do a little bit at a time slowly, and you’ll still get the soothing oriental decorating touch you’ve been craving.

Oriental decorating is all about creating a specific atmosphere. You can turn your master bedroom into a private retreat which allows you to completely get away from the fast pace of day-to-day life for instance, or you can simply add a few peaceful touches here and there which will greatly reduce your stress levels every time you walk into the room.

Oriental decorating styles are usually intricate and ornate. Instead of having the walls painted in plain white for instance, you’d want to add textured or patterned wallpapers, or paint in darker, more elegant colors. Rice papered walls for instance, or adding bamboo textures, would give you a nice neutral decorating base to work with in your master bedroom. If you prefer paint of course, but don’t want to commit yourself to any colors that might be too bold or overbearing, then try an earthy tone to get things started.

For your lights and lamps, change from bright wattage bulbs to lower wattage ones so you’ll create a more intimate, peaceful feeling in the room. An alternative that works well of course though, is to install a dimmer switch. This way you’ll be able to brighten the lights in your room as needed. You can add oriental design touches by putting new lamp shades on too, or simply drape some oriental style fabric over the existing ones.

If you’re working with existing furniture in the master bedroom, consider refinishing it with a black laquer. Wood finishes will work in an oriental style master bedroom decorating theme, but black goes with the overall look much better. And of course if you’re buying all new furniture, then it’s much easier because you can simply buy oriental designs from the start.

For accents and accessories in an oriental master bedroom, consider putting a small tabletop stone fountain in place, plenty of exotic flowers – fresh is always a wonderful touch but silk flowers work well too – and wall hangings or art prints which reflect oriental scenes. You can also add floor rugs in oriental designs, or even drape oriental lap blankets over stools or sitting chairs too.

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