Peapod Review Praises The Online Grocery Shopping Experience

Peapod Review Praises The Online Grocery Shopping Experience

Many frazzled grocery shoppers dream of having groceries delivered directly to their kitchen. To makes this dream come true, Stop & Shop has introduced Peapod, their online grocery delivery service. In this Peapod review, customers will find out about the many advantages, along with the small disadvantages, of choosing online grocery delivery. Customers who try out grocery delivery, however, may never go into the grocery store again.

Life is easier with online grocery service. Customers can travel up Supermarkt and down Stop & Shop’s aisles without getting up off of their sofas. On the website, customers may search by product, or may browse a specific category. Also, customers can peruse the weekly specials, point and click a featured item, and watch it appear in their virtual grocery cart. On their next visit, customers will be able to look at their last grocery list and put staples directly into their new shopping cart.

Shopping for groceries is convenient with Peapod. Taking a car full of children to the grocery store is rarely fun for any parent. Others, like senior citizens, may not be able to drive themselves to their local grocery store. By having groceries delivered, customers will be able to devote their time to their most important priorities instead of pushing a cart around the grocery store.

The selection that Stop & Shop offers online is good. Customers will find produce priced by the individual piece or by the pound. Customers will also find deli and meat products priced by the pound and will not have to worry about purchasing in bulk. In the online grocery store, customers will even find a fair selection of products like detergents, household cleaners, and toothpastes.

Peapod drivers bring groceries directly to the kitchen. Customers will save on their grocery purchase because drivers both accept and calculate valuable coupons. Customers may choose to tip their drivers, and tips are calculated in a number of ways. Some customers tip a specific amount per bag, while others choose a standard amount for every order.

Customers have many choices of delivery windows. Stop & Shop will discount the customer’s order if they choose a wider span of time, such as an entire morning or evening, as their delivery window. Also, if shoppers have to be away during their delivery time, they may choose an unattended delivery option and leave coolers outside for storage of their groceries.

Shopping for online groceries does have a few disadvantages. If customers want next-day delivery from Stop & Shop, then they must place their orders by 4 PM the previous day. To get meal supplies on the same day, shoppers will still have to order takeout or venture out to the store. Also, shoppers should be prepared to pay more for orders less than $100 along with a fuel surcharge for any order.

Most shoppers will decide that the many advantages of grocery delivery will outweigh the extra charges and minor inconveniences. Senior citizens, singles on the go or busy families will all find online grocery shopping to be convenient and fun. Customers should check the Peapod website or visit Stop & Shop for more information than is found in this Peapod review.

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