The Tricky Issue of Duplicate Content & What Google Says About It

For the situation I refered to above, I added a registry of around 200 machine produced pages to my well known music site to exchange joins. Since the registry menu was connected on each page of my 600 page site it acquired it’s own high PageRank. The pages had scratched content on them and I essentially added joins from accomplices to them. It worked for around 90 days and afterward abruptly the landing page went from PageRank 6 to 0, and notwithstanding being in the file, not in excess of twelve pages remained scrape google.

My every day traffic dropped from 3,000 to under 200 guests per day. It was NOT worth altering an effective equation and the outcome was disastrous, all since I got ravenous and added those gateway style catalog pages with scratched web index content.

I took in my example. Never at any point blend in garbage content, for example, scratched internet searcher results onto a genuine substance webpage. It’ll probably get that site prohibited!

Being a full-time online advertiser implies you need to keep a nearby watch on how Google is positioning pages on the web… one intense concern is the entire issue of copy content. All the more significantly, how does having copy content on your own site and on others’ locales, influence your watchword rankings in Google and the other web crawlers?

Presently, as of late it appears to be that Google is considerably more open with regards to exactly how it positions content. I say “appears” on the grounds that with Google there are a long time of doubt with regards to how they treat content and website admins. Google’s entirety “do as I say” demeanor leaves an unpleasant desire for most website admins’ mouths. To such an extent, that many have had all that anyone could need of Google’s mentality and overlook what Google and their savants say through and through.

This is likely sincerely satisfying, yet is it the right course or demeanor to take? Most likely not!

Mostly on the grounds that, whether or not you love or disdain Google, there’s no denying they are King of online pursuit and you should play by their principles or leave a ton of genuine internet based income on the table. Presently, for my significant watchword content/pages even a deficiency of only a couple of spots in the rankings can mean I lose many dollars in every day commissions, so anything influencing my rankings clearly stand out enough to be noticed.

So the entire interesting issue of copy content has caused me some worry and I have given careful consideration to myself to discover all that I can about it. I’m for the most part stressed over my substance being positioned lower on the grounds that the web indexes think it is copy content and punishes it.

My circumstance is compounded by the way that I am vigorously into article promoting – similar articles are included on hundreds, a few times great many destinations across the web. Normally, I am stressed these articles will weaken or bring down my rankings as opposed to achieve their planned reason for getting higher rankings.

I attempt to change the anchor text/catchphrase connect in the asset boxes of these articles. I don’t utilize a similar catchphrase state again and again, as I am almost close to 100% positive Google has a “watchword use” amount – rehash a similar watchword express time after time and your exceptionally connected substance will be brought down around 50 or 60 spots, essentially removing it from the indexed lists. No need to bring that up again!

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