Top Attractions of Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is the main city of Netherlands and the most populous too. The city is very interesting; having beautiful climate and also fully blessed by nature. This is also the capital city of Netherlands. The city is educational and financial centre of the Netherlands.

Amsterdam is the main attraction of the Europe along with Paris, Lille, Rome, London and many more. Millions of visitors come across to this place in a year to enjoy themselves. Amsterdam has many wonder tourist places and few of them are –

1. Anne Frank House – The wonderful museum of warer park offers  Amsterdam and people visit with a particular interest in the war experience.

2. The Jordaan – This charming neighborhood is Amsterdam’s Greenwich Village with specialty shops, narrow alleys, leafy canals, designer boutiques and lot of cafes.

3. The Resistance Museum – The historical museum of Amsterdam and it is about two kilometers away from the city centre.

4. Oude Kerk – The old church and it is surrounded by the small houses.

5. Dam Square – It is the heart of Amsterdam and the amazing sight of the city.

6. Concertgebouw – This is about 2.5 kilometers away from the city centre and was built in the late 19th century.

7. Van Gogh Museum – This is an art museum and the world’s largest collection from the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890).

8. Artis Zoo – This is located in the center of Amsterdam and the oldest zoo of the Netherlands.

9. Vondelpark – This is located in the south of the city and it is the famous one too.

10. Amsterdam Windmills – These are 8 windmills in the heart of the city and fantastic place to visit.

11. Hotels – Finally the city is full of luxurious hotels and budget hotels.

At last this is great place to hang around and must see destination. There are also lots of interesting places in surrounding of Amsterdam. Travel to Amsterdam is very easy from all major parts of the world like New York, Melbourne, Sydney, Toronto, Dubai, London, Zurich, Rome, Delhi, and Moscow and from all important designations around the world. Travelers of London, Paris, Brussels and Lille, they will take Eurostar train to Amsterdam. Rest of the visitors will take flights to Amsterdam. Travel by train is the most cheap and affordable way of traveling. People usually take only two options to travel; either its train or flight. Now a day’s Amsterdam has become the most popular destination to visit.

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